Development (Want Vs Need)

 Development( Growth)

Let’s go with the definition first. The definition of Development as per the Cambridge Dictionary is ” The process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more Advanced.”  And in the same Dictionary , Advanced means to be modern and well developed. So just expanding the definition “ Development is the series of actions taken to achieve growth of someone or something and become modern and well developed.” 

Now the question is that who is that someone or something? Is that you or me? Well!, I suppose it’s for all of us, SO development means the process in which all of us grows and become more advanced. Right ?

Now let me ask you a question- ARE WE DEVELOPING? 

Let me tell you the answer- Yes, we are developing. Can’t you see that, are you blind? We have the most powerful war instruments, we can now travel fast, we can talk to anyone- anywhere using telecom, look at our houses equipped with all the gadgets, hospitals, entertainment parks, Malls, technology. Everything is now modern and more developed everyday. But wait! What about us? Are we developing ourselves at the same rate? Again the answer is partially justified. The reason is that everything happening is happening partially and that’s the reason the definition is not justified.

Let me share an experience that really made me scared. I was meeting top executives of many big companies last month. I agenda is to talk to them and  understand the mind focus of these people. It was a pretty good experience meeting them all and I was really motivated to see the kind of dedication they have for the there work. Everyone I met have a different prospective in life, different strategies to work on and trust me , each of them is best on it’s own. To my every question I got a unique answer except one ” How is your company’s development?” I am shocked and scared to hear the answers. Each one of them defined the development taking the reference of the annual turn over. Now, where is the fault. Is that they don’t know the true definition of the development or they have there own definition.


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