An Introduction to Want Vs Need

Want Vs Need

Since Morning we are doing different things. Things to satisfy different needs. Need of money, need of relationship,need of existence,need of being known, need to be loved, need to reach the top and what not. Struggling hard every time, every day and always. Still when we go to sleep, we have things left on the check list. Lying on our bed thinking of those things, then telling yourself to sleep, promising to finish the left next day. But still you are awake because you are planning about how to finish those things tomorrow. That’s how you stay awake in your bed and never get enough sleep. This is something happen every day with almost every person who is struggling to fulfill thee needs. And if you are not one of those, well congratulations- you are half sorted.

Is that the life we ever imagined? Is that we ever wanted? Is that what we Need?

Long time ago things were different, well ask your friends, who have seen the dusk of the 19th century. Ask them what they have done during early teens. Ask them once and you will see a smile growing up. If you know someone who can tell you stories like your grandparents, then you have the right source. They will tell you the stories and will take you to a time that will feel like a fairy tale. “I wish things can be the same as they were” – That’s how they will end the story.

Now the question is “What was the need of change if everyone was so happy back then” . I wish I can answer that. But I think change is what they call Life.

We have developed a lot-the things that were once a dream are now the reality. The things that were a luxury back then is now a necessity. But that doesn’t mean now we got what we wanted, rather the need changed. Now we want more, as the necessity changed, how can we expect the luxury to remain constant? And that’s how the development happened- I guess. A constant need of something we don’t have is the reason of development. Proceed with what was left and pass it to another generation with your contribution. That’s how it works and that’s how it should be.

But on the cost of what?

Let’s take an example- Let’s say it’s early morning you are out for a walk. It’s a beautiful morning, you felt a great energy in you and you started a run. Let’s add another thing here, let say- you are in the mountains right now. Felt better!. Running increase the heart rate and pump more blood, which is what is good for health and that’s why doctors suggest it. You ran for 30 mins and you feel like you should take a break. You took a break, caught your breath, took a seat near the cliff and sat there for some time. Wow! Felt amazing right? Now let’s say rather than taking that break, you decided to keep running. You ran for another 2 hours, 5 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours , 2 days and so on. How will your body react? To add more, let’s say you are utilizing more than what you are nourishing your body with. What will happen? You will be exhausted and you have to take a break, right? Than why can’t this development take a break?

As They Say ” It’s Good to Take a Break

This is what this Blog is about. It’s about understanding the need than the desire. Desire is to run and complete the never ending race as soon as possible but the need is to take a break, catch your breath, enjoy where you are right now and then start another race to your destiny.



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